UUnited 2019

On the 28th of March, the Kunstorkest played a remarkable concert during the UUnited festival in Tivolivredenburg, Utrecht with the famous TV-chef Rudolph van Veen. During the concert we traversed the boundaries between coocking and music making. It was a concert full of tasty notes, sweet harmonies and spicey solos.



In between art and kitchen

The student baroque orchestra Het Kunstorkest will give two concerts this spring in Utrecht, on the 15th and 16th of March. In these concerts we will traverse the boundaries between two activities we cherish: cooking and making music. The repertoire of the Baroque era provides ample opportunities for this. Baroque composers have namely written music for royal banquets and other nobel festivities. We are going to perform pieces from this genre from Telemann, Purcell, Lully and Biber in the authentic way of playing. It will be a concert full of tasty notes, sweet harmonies and spicy solos. All come! 

Lonesome but not alone

Soloconcerts from the 18th century

On Friday the 30th of November and Sunday 2 December, the Kunstorkest will play its beautiful winter programme. Apart from an orchestral piece by Fux, three solo concertos will be played. While being accompanied by the orchestra, the soloists from the Kunstorkest will reach new musical heights. Hans Lub will direct the orchestra during this concert, which will be played in authentic baroque style.

Friday evening, november 30th:  20.15 uur De Rank, Nieuwegein

Sunday afternoon, december 2nd: 15.15 uur Lutheran Church, Utrecht

We are grateful for support from the U-fonds:  https://www.facebook.com/STUF.Ufonds/